Educated Nannies Tip of the Week!

When a family hires a nanny to work in their home, the nanny is considered an employee of the household. The law states that if the household employee is paid more than $1,900 in a calendar year, the household employer is required to withhold and remit payroll taxes to the state and IRS. “1099ing” is considered illegal. Being informed, causes less stress and problems for all parties involved in the future.

Related topic: Check out our previous post on the California Domestic Worker Bill of Rights.

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2014 Academy Awards

Over the past weekend we had the pleasure of being invited to the 2014 Academy Awards gifting suite at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. The gifting suite was full of fun and innovative children’s businesses and great products. We were so honored to be part of this amazing group of standout industry professionals. During the event we had the opportunity to speak with families about our variety of services. We look forward to helping many of these awesome families find their perfect Educated Nanny!

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